Waking Spero – IQ Malcolm

“Crashed without a clue. Stranded on a strange world. Caught in the fight of their lives. Aspiring teenaged artist Unai thought he was free from facing struggle like his father. But he’d rather be back in his family butcher shop when he wakes in a downed escape pod with a feral girl and cute-looking kid cadet on a faraway planet. And with carnage on the horizon and a gap in his memories, he’ll need more than his artistic instincts to stay alive. 2045 is the last year that Space Force Academy recruit Clover can remember. And though she’s desperate to honor her father’s military legacy by surviving the massive impact, she fears her two charges are casualties waiting to happen. So she goes with the only viable option: Take the lead to guarantee all three make it through the alien jungle’s deadly night…Battling conflicting personalities and dodging close encounters with native creatures, Unai struggles to keep it together in the hostile environment. And Clover finds herself stretched to the limit keeping everybody alive when their search for answers unleashes an avalanche of peril.Can they survive the savage lands before the extraterrestrial wildlife tears them apart?”

I received an E-ARC of this book in exchange of an honest review.

Waking Spero is a young adult sci-fi where we follow three characters on their adventure on an unknown planet with no memory of the past two and a half years.

Waking Spero is a fast-paced book with a beautiful description of the planet with all it’s inhabitant creatures. It feels like you are on the planet with the characters and that you get to go through everything with them. The story is so much more interesting because of the fact that they don’t have any memories. It forms extra challenges which they have to face and they need to come up with a plan to survive the unknown planet.

The characters are so amazing and I loved every single one of the main characters so much. Unai is such a sweetheart with all his jokes and his references of pop culture, all to lighten the mood. He believes in his instinct and is so caring. Clover is the companion we want when having to spend a night on a unknown planet. Her leadership and survival skills are amazing, she’s a boss! She keeps to herself and takes her time to open up. And lastly we have Alena, she is so cute! I feel like she struggles the most during the story, which makes you want to give a big hug.

I gave the story 3,5 stars because even though I enjoyed, I felt like the relationship between two characters was rushed. Of course, they did lose their memory but I would have loved it if we could see their developments a bit more.

The ending of the book definitely leaves you wanting more of the story. There were so many new discoveries near the end of the story, which made me longing for more. I’m excited to see what comes next!

About the author:

I.Q. Malcolm

IQ Malcolm is a YA Sci-Fi and Fantasy author. When he isn’t writing, Malcolm keeps himself busy by teaching Social Studies and English to middle schoolers in southwestern Wisconsin. Outside of work and school, he enjoys spending his time with his lovely wife, playing with their goldendoodle, and hopelessly supporting Tottenham Hotspur F.C. and Minnesota United FC despite the emotional pain they inflict on him.

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