To Dream of White & Gold – R.K. Hart

All the dreamers are dead. All but one. Lida d’Cathan has inherited something from her long-dead mother, Siva. Something unknown, something unwanted, and something entirely dangerous. Lida must make a choice: should she spend her life mistrusted and maligned, living as an outsider with the other gifted? Or stay in Kingstown, and risk hurting the people she loves with the power that spills from her in sleep?In order to control her gift, she will need to follow in Siva’s elusive footsteps and travel further from home than she ever imagined. But just like her power, knowledge has a cost – and it might be more than she is willing to pay. What will Lida give to become the last dreamer?

I recieved an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

To Dream of White & Gold is a fantasy romance where we follow Lida on her journey where she tries to understand her powers.

To Dream of White & Gold is a interesting book, where the characters travel through different parts of the world. There are different languages and different cultures. This makes the struggles and stories of the characters so understandable.

The characters are so amazing! There are quite a few characters so I’m only going to talk about two of my favourites (they’re all a fav tbh). Let’s start with Lida, the main character. I like her a lot, but I feel like she’s a bit ignorant towards the other cultures. But she is definitely a badass! And than we have Lorcan. He was a bit of an ass in the beginning but my oh my, has my opinion changed. He’s so cute!

There are a lot of different love plots in the book, which made me squall. I ship them all, all the couples (or love tension between two characters) made me so happy and sappy.

I gave the book 4,5 stars because I love it so much. I’ve already read the book twice. When I read the book the first time, it had me in it’s power. I just couldn’t stop reading! The second time was just as magical and made me love the story even more. Will I read it a third time, hell yes!

The only thing that bothered me a teensy bit, was that something that was written in the prologue and the epilogue didn’t really come back in the main part of the book. This is the reason for the 4,5 stars instead of 5 stars.

About the author:

R. K. Hart

Rebekka Hart is a writer and educational developer living and working on Ngunnawal Ngambri land in Canberra, Australia, with her husband and two young children. She holds a BA (Hons) in Literature and postgraduate qualifications in Education, and has a particular passion for Victorian literature and confessional poetry, though she spends much of her time reading YA fantasy instead.To Dream of White and Gold is her first novel.

You can find her on

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